Comin' At Ya from Greenville, SC! 


Hello! I'm Lindsey. Some call me by my husband's old college moniker, Holz (pronounced holts). I answer to either...and all of their incidental variations.

Hang on. I need a second. I did not realize writing an "auto" bio would be wince-city. I just rewrote that little introductory part about my name three times. (I had included a number ofincidental variations on my name. Sigh.) Why is selling oneself so difficult? Its much easier to write positively about others. Readers, will you kindly accept the latter hint and my apology for the upcoming shameless self-promo?

I’m a strategic, creative thinker with a knack for expressing complex thoughts onto a blank page in a digestible way–and no knack for public speaking whatsoever. I love writing so much that I bounce up and down in my chair approximately once every other workday. I've honed my skills through the fires of Dartmouth College (literally), continuous self-education, and, by far the most valuable, feedback from my clients and their customers.

Humor, gravity, and urgency are characteristics I strive to capture in my work, because who doesnt relish a profound/funny/stirring storyline?  

Pick me. I’m profunster.

But enough about me. How about you?